6 Questions About White German Shepherd Puppies Dog Lovers Should Know

White German Shepherd Puppies

White German Shepherd puppies have always appeared here and there throughout history; however, the exact reason why they look different from their ancestors remains unclear. In recent years, genetic scientists have shed light on this issue and given the public a clear explanation.

White German Shepherd is actually the same breed as standard German Shepherd dogs, except for the beautiful white coat. Besides, their warm hearts and gleaming faces are things that will make your day. No owners have ever complained about raising a White German Shepherd puppy.

So, as you may be interested in these German Shepherd Puppies and decide to adopt one, let’s dive into this thorough article and get to know these amazing pets! 

What Are White German Shepherd Puppies? 

Genetic scientists have claimed that a recessive gene is responsible for giving the White German Shepherd dogs a fluffy white coat.

This gene was found in the original gene structure of the standard German Shepherd dogs. It is believed to mask up the true color of the dog, causing it to be white.

However, this recessive gene is not a defective gene. It doesn’t cause any kind of deficiency to the dogs’ bodies. Meanwhile, this gene gives these animals a fabulous and chic look. 

Also, the white coat will remain unchanged throughout the dogs’ lives. As for the next generation, despite being purebred, their puppies may be black, brown, or white. There is no way to find out what color the next generation will inherit from their parents.

A White German Shepherd Vs. A Standard German Shepherd? – Similarities and Differences 

White German Shepherd Puppies

White German Shepherd Puppies

The only distinguishing characteristic between the White German Shepherd puppies and the black German Shepherd puppies is the color of the fur. Why don’t we take a closer look at other features of these two kinds?

What are the similarities?

What are the differences? 

  • WGS has white or off-white colored
  • They usually have a longer coat, which can be less soft to touch
  • Some WGS do not have two coats
  • They are not considered purebred dogs

Do White German Shepherd Puppies Have Any Defective Gene Issues?

There is a myth that White German Shepherd dogs are flawed genetically. So, throughout history, they have been ill-treated and rumored to pass the genetic problems over generations. But, the answer is absolutely NO!

This white-coated breed is shown to be in healthy condition with a normal physique just like their other siblings. There is absolutely no association with ill-physiqued issues, perceptual disorders, or temperament. 

It is getting easier to see White German Shepherd dogs at the local dog clubs than in the past. Because, in recent years, they have been recognized as standard-bred dogs, and appreciated a lot for having beautifully flawless white looks. That is such great news for huge fans like us, right?

Do White German Shepherd Puppies Encounter More Health Issues Than Standard German Shepherd Puppies? 

The White German Shepherd dogs tend to have the same health problems as the standard ones. The health problems include thyroid issues, pancreatitis, bloating, hip, and elbow dysplasia. Moreover, allergies are another noticeable issue, which results from air pollution, pollen, and unhealthy foods.

So, if you want to adopt one, make sure you take all the signs and symptoms seriously and give them the best medical treatment.

In addition, you should provide your pets nutritional diets and regular exercise to keep them healthy and lively. Our advice is to take them for a walk twice a week to maintain their physical health and keep their spirit high.  

What is the Natural Temperament of the White German Shepherd Puppies?

White German Shepherd Puppies

White German Shepherd Puppies

Baby German Shepherd dogs are really intelligent, proactive, loyal, and affectionate. They will feel connected and extremely bonded with whoever treats them well. 

So, dear pet owners, if you want to create unforgettable memories with your pets, White German Shepherd dogs are definitely the right choice for you. They make either great companions or excellent herding dogs. 

Besides, White German Shepherd dogs are cut out for outdoor activities. They love nature and playing games with their owners. So, if you want to have a picnic and quality time with family, don’t forget to bring these amazing pets along. They will definitely become the life and soul of the party. 

Are White German Shepherd Puppies Good Family Dogs?

Frankly speaking, if you raise White German Shepherd dogs in proper ways such as providing their adequate needs, coaching them with an appropriate lifestyle, they will make delightful family members more than you have ever expected.  

They also are best friends to your children and other family pets, as long as they were raised together. If they aren’t, it will take more time for one side to make friends with the other.

As being naturally protective, they will constantly be on guard and keep your kids safe when you’re not around. In other cases, these restless dogs will never stop to drag your butts outside and explore the world together with them. They literally help you enjoy your life at the utmost. 

Final Word 

To sum up, German Shepherd dogs are wonderful creatures, no matter how different their color is. It depends on your liking to choose White German Shepherd puppies or not. 

Although White German Shepherd dogs had a tough time being recognized as purebred ones, they are now adored by many dog lovers. On top of that, they are as physically and mentally healthy just as standard German Shepherds. 

If you are in the mist of adopting a White German Shepherd as a member of your family, you may have been inspired by this article, right? Now let’s get to the nearest local pet store and bring an adorable puppy home!