Surprising Reasons: Why Dachshunds Are The Worst Breed?

The sausage dogs originated in Germany. Because of their unique and cute appearance, some pet lovers still wonder: “why dachshunds are the worst breed?”. With so many dog breeds to select from, it may take a long time to choose the perfect breed for your living space and care. Dachshunds are one possibility. This dog breed is a little energetic and needs an owner willing to devote a great deal of attention to it.

Even if its physique is not very ferocious or big, if it is not properly taught, it may develop an aggressive mentality, which can harm others and cause you numerous problems. Keeping a Dachshund, on the other hand, is not that troublesome. You may still have a dependable and knowledgeable buddy by your side if you are patient and care for this little companion!

Outstanding Features Of The Dachshund Dogs

PET HEIGHT 5 to 9 inches
PET WEIGHT 11 to 32 pounds
LIFESPAN 12 to 16 years
GOOD WITH families, seniors
TEMPERAMENT aggressive, friendly, outgoing, playful, willful
VOCAL LEVEL frequent
BREED SIZE small (0-25 lbs.)
COAT LENGTH long, short, wiry
COLORS black, blue, brown/chocolate/liver, cream, fawn, red
PATTERNS bicolor, black and tan, blue and tan, brindle, flecked/ticked/ peckled, liver and tan, merle, sable, spotted
OTHER TRAITS apartment-friendly, easy to groom, good hiking companion, highly territorial, high potential for weight gain, high prey drive, prone to health issues, strong loyalty tendencies, tendency to chew


The sausage dog, also known internationally as Dachshund or Taken originated in Germany and appeared very early in the 15th century.  Dachshunds are really impressed by their short and big legs, almost like a bear’s paw, and their long nose, so the sniffing ability of Dachshunds is very good. Their appearance is so funny and unique that even novice dog parents don’t need to spend too much time telling their dog breed name.

In contrast to the short legs, the sausage has very long ears that hang down to the eyes and even to the mouth. They are the least hairy of all the dogs we might have ever seen. This purebred comes in three short, long, and smooth coats, each with a slight difference. On average, each one weighs between 11 to 32 pounds. Its height is about 5 to 9 inches


Dachshunds are very intelligent, with their nature of hunting dogs, so they are famous for being sly dogs. Dachshund absorbs very quickly and remembers longer than other dog breeds like Samoyed, and Husky when you teach them anything. This type of pet is often a bit difficult to train because its nature is high. They are ready to react strongly and violently if they find themselves in danger. 

Despite having a very bold character, Dachshund lives very affectionately and loyally with its owner. From a young age, they have been friendly, affectionate, and lively with the owner. Besides, like any other dog, they love to bark. The barking is quite loud and ringing in the ears, sometimes exceeding their body weight.

Dachshunds puppies

Why Dachshunds Are The Worst Breed? 

Although Dachshunds’ appearance looks a bit inactive, many of you will be surprised to say that these Dachshunds are very intelligent. ​You often train your pet with exercises or simple commands, but it takes a long time to absorb, so you may think it is not very intelligent. However, you are too wrong to think like that. Dachshund takes a long time to learn, not because it is not smart, but because it is so smart that it realizes what you are trying to do and deliberately refuses to do what you say. 

This breed has a very naughty, stubborn character. They are considered to be as aggressive as Bulldogs and do not like to be ordered at all. When there is no attention from the owners, the dogs will feel unsafe. They will often mess around, and bite around to release excess energy through body language to get your attention.

Naughty Dachshunds 

Dachshunds often bark when they see strangers. Nevertheless, the normal nature of these puppies is a bit shy. Some dogs are afraid and won’t let strangers touch them. Because of shyness, it wasn’t meant to be a guard dog. It’s not a wise choice to adopt an adult Dachshund. If the dog remembers its old owner, sometimes it may resist you.

The lifespan of Dachshunds is quite long if well cared for, averaging 12 -15 years. Unfortunately, they are also prone to one of the most common backbone-related diseases. Because they have asymmetrical bodies with short legs and long backs, they are often under pressure in terms of body weight, so they are very susceptible to this disease.  In addition, Dachshunds also often suffer from some other diseases, such as obesity. 

How To Train And Take Care Of Dachshund Dogs?

Living Condition

When it comes to the living conditions of sausage dogs, they can basically live anywhere, private houses, apartments, and gardens. However, if you live in an apartment, leaving it in the house for too long is also very boring, so sometimes you should take them out for a walk to change the atmosphere.

Not All Cheap Dachshunds Are High Quality

Hair Care

It would help if you regularly bathe your dog. For long-haired dogs, to prevent Dachshunds from getting stinky, you should brush and trim their coats daily. For short hair types, just showering and dry cleaning, every day is okay. There are also types of curly hair. If it is the case, brushing and trimming will be more difficult. 

Diet & Clothes

About the daily diet: Most of them are easy to raise and eat all kinds of food, not picky about any food. Yet, when raising puppies, you should also pay attention to avoid feeding a lot of fat. You should keep them really warm by sewing them with outer clothes in the winter because Dachshunds will not stand the cold.


In parallel with feeding, you should train your Dachshund to go to the toilet every day after eating. As Dachshunds are quite hard to potty train, it is really necessary to train the dog to go to the toilet in the right place, ensuring the hygiene of your house. Because this type of dog is different from easy-going Pug dogs, it is more difficult to train. Its loyal spirit is still worth a try, as long as you are strict from the beginning, with rewards and punishments to be effective.

Final Thoughts 

Dachshunds are really smart and funny, so they can be ideal friends for you, as well as family members. But why are dachshunds the worst breed? This is still a question worth considering because of the stubbornness and mischief of this breed. Please remember to pay attention to the above things and notes that we have shared to prepare mentally, along with the necessary knowledge, when raising dogs. Thank you for following up here. Hope that the information we provide will be useful to you.

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