Why Do Dachshunds Stink? Tips for Avoiding Bad Odor


Why Do Dachshunds Stink
A Dachshund

Why Do Dachshunds Stink? 

It can have many causes, one of which could simply be that your smelly dog needs a bath. But besides that, it can also signal something more serious. 

Some dogs might acquire a skin infection with a strong fishy smell caused by bad breath, yeast and bacteria that grow beneath the skin’s surface, or it can be caused because of unhealthy food consumed as well. 

If you detect any odd scents coming from your pet and are unsure about the reasons, see your veterinarian right away. We will indicate the reasons more clearly why your dog might be smelly, as well as ways to deal with them.

Dachshund Stink
Dachshund Stink

Why Do Dachshunds Stink?

Not Bathed Regularly

Because your dog naturally is a living being, it will emit its own odor. That’s why your pet should be bathed carefully. 

Some experts advocate bathing your dogs once a month, while others urge weekly baths to keep your pet feeling nice and fresh. Bathing smelly dogs on a regular basis is the most effective approach to keep their odor under control. 

Use a gentle shampoo for bathing your pup on a regular basis. Apply the appropriate medicine or animal deodorant if necessary.

In addition, your dog’s coat should be brushed at least once a week. This aids in the removal of falling hairs and debris from the fur. Furthermore, long hair is prone to tangling if not well-groomed. Tangled hairs are both unpleasant and unattractive for your pup.

Give extra attention to your pet’s ears and paw pads regularly. Every day, carefully wipe them down, especially after a walk outside. 

They need the toilets every several hours, as well as a regular activity. That is why mature dachshunds should never be left alone for longer than 4 hours at a period.

One more thing, you must also clean their bedding. It is not required to wash it every day, but it should be done every few days.

Dachshund Bath
Dachshund Bath

Skin Problems

Body odor is naturally not a concern if the dachshund is maintained clean by the owners, especially if it isn’t very bad. If your dachshund develops a foul odor for no particular reason, it may be a normal indication that something is amiss.

A variety of health concerns in dachshunds – and other dogs – can result in bad odor. Skin problems such as seborrheic dermatitis also can lead dachshunds to stink. 

Dachshunds Are Susceptible to Back Problems
Dachshunds Are Susceptible to Back Problems

If there are any health issues, make an appointment with a veterinarian to find out what’s causing the stinky problem. Dachshunds are not often a foul-smelling breed.

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Why Does Your Dachshund’s Breath Stink?

Dachshund's Mouth
Dachshund’s Mouth

Yes, bad breath from the mouth in a dachshund seems like a joke; however, it could be the source of numerous problems, including breed, food consumed, dachshund’s teeth are overcrowded, plaque accumulation, bacteria, nutrition, and other variables. 

While most of these are typical in dachshunds, Pets WebMD advises that some types of chronic foul breath in pets are grounds for greater concern.

Dogs are prone to halitosis, gingivitis, and periodontal disease, but dachshunds are significantly more susceptible. The scent is generally worse in older ones, but even younger canines might develop foul breath from time to time. 

Because dachshunds have a long, pointed snout, their mouth opening is often tiny. Food waste and germs in the mouth build in and around the teeth, causing bad breath and smells to penetrate into your dog’s body.

Often brushing your dog’s teeth is essential for keeping their mouths healthy since it eliminates bad gum disease. The most frequent illness in dogs is dental disease, but your dachshund’s teeth may be maintained clean using specialized toothpaste.

Why Do Your Dachshund’s Ears Stink?

The stench in your dog’s ears could be produced by yeast or bacteria. The fishy smell is generally stronger in the summertime when they are often more energetic and feel more comfortable outside in warmer weather.

Ear mites could also contribute to unpleasant smelling bodies. Dachshunds’ large, floppy ears serve as a haven for dirt and infectious disease germs.

Because the ears are thick naturally, there is little air movement beneath them, giving an ideal environment to harbor parasites.

Ear mites produce a reddish, foul-smelling emission as they feed on ear wax and lipids.

A veterinarian can give the appropriate medicine to remove these mites, while you can avoid recurrence with regular ear care.

You should keep the hair surrounding the inner ear clipped. This will effectively deter dust from getting into the ears and promoting bacterial development underneath the long hair. 

You should also inspect their ears on a regular basis for grime or bugs. If you discover any, carefully remove them with a cotton pad.

Dachshund’s Ears
Dachshund’s Ears

Final Thoughts

So, why do dachshunds stink? It could be a result of improper bathing or skin problems.

If you are an owner of a puppy, it is critical to maintaining your pet fresh and hygienic. Regular bath, brushing, vet visits and suitable food are the greatest ways to avoid this dachshund smell! 

When you are in uncertainty, consult with a professional for further information on how to keep your dog’s cleanliness in check. We want all of our four-legged companions to be happy and odor-free! 

With the expensive cost to own a Dachshund dog, you certainly will not expect them to encounter such troublesome problems as above. That’s why it’s so important to take care of them properly. Hope this article can help your dogs avoid body odor and good luck!

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