Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much? – Reasons & How To Hold Back Their Tears

French bulldogs are likely to be left alone. However, if you breed them as a pet to be your company, these French bulldog puppies will want to be with you all the time and crave all your love. Barking is not the most representative characteristic of French bulldogs, unlike other Black Pug or Parti Yorkies. But crying is the most common activity of  French bulldog puppies.

But why do French bulldogs cry so much? What can you do to hold back their tears? We’re going to dive into this topic, so stay tuned!

Is It Normal If Your French Bulldogs Cry A Lot?

Sad Lovely Dog French Bulldog Sitting On Floor Indoor.
Sad Lovely Dog French Bulldog Sitting On Floor Indoor.

Many situations have revealed that crying or even whimpering sounds are considered typical French bulldogs. 

If you’re exhausted from hearing your puppies crying, you’re not alone. Listening to your dog crying all day long could get on your nerves. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry much because this is normal behavior that several Frenchies convey. 

As many bulldog breeders explain, during the first two weeks, since your Frenchie is still a little puppy, expect many crying and moaning sessions from them. 

After that, your puppy will adapt to all variations at breakneck speed. They will learn to sleep alone, teething, or some fundamental obedience commands. In every part of its growth, crying is a natural, important characteristic.

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

Although our furry friends cry a lot, the meaning of their tears is different from ours. When it comes to the sound like whines, there are several reasons for this common behavior, such as s craving for food, attention, or maybe a bathroom break. Thus, you should make sure whether your dog is actually in pain or simply hungry or something like that. 

According to American research, owners tend to find a solution to their dogs’ problematic behavior. Learning why your baby bulldogs cry a lot of times is important to achieve this goal. 

So, here is  a list of three main reasons your French Bulldog might be crying:

Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much
Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much
  1. Communication

When your Bulldog is crying or whining, they normally try to communicate something they need or want. The first thing coming up is absolutely food! If your furry friends are hungry, you should feed them. Everyone does forget things sometimes, and your Bulldog is crying to remind you that “Feed me. I’m hungry”. 

But these Frenchies are also not good at having fun by themselves. Therefore, their ideal entertainment activity is being around you, playing with you. If you aren’t around them, your puppies might cry to let you know that “I’m bored. Play with me!”

  1. Anxiety

If other dog breeds tend to bark because they are nervous or afraid, your French Bulldog might cry and moan when feeling anxious and uneasy. The main cause of their anxiety is separation. 

It can be seen easily that your French bulldogs can’t do well when they’re left alone for a period. Owners shouldn’t leave their bulldogs alone all day. Otherwise, they are likely to have a very unhappy dog. 

Separation anxiety is a health problem, and it can affect dogs of all ages. However, this breed of dog is at a higher risk of developing this disease.

  1. Pain

Whining is the first indication to tell you that your puppy is in pain. You can see whether your dog is in pain or not by observing its attitude and mobility. 

Even though their whimpering annoys you, please don’t ignore it. Since puppies are more vulnerable, just take them to the vet if they cry to be safe, in case your puppy has serious conditions that you may not know yet.  

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How To Lessen Their Tears?

No matter how adorable your French bulldog is, hearing it crying all day long is likely not adorable. How can you solve this issue?

A French bulldog adult
A French bulldog adult

Here are some ways to try:

  1. Making a more comfortable crate for your Bulldog is the first step you can take. For example, you can put some toys in the crate or make a roomy box with your dog’s favorite treat in there.
  2. If your Frenchies are crying due to separation anxiety, placing something with your aroma on in their crates might be helpful, such as your old T-shirt.
  3. Moreover, you can lessen your dogs’ tears by giving them more activity and playtime. You could also end your behaviors that might fortify the crying habit, so your puppy understands that crying is not good behavior and you will not give attention to them.


After reading through our “Why do French bulldogs cry so much?” article, we hope you have gained enough useful information about the crying behavior of your Frenchies to treat them better. 

If you want more explanations, please leave a comment below, and we will try our best to reply. Have a nice day with your furry friends!

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