Why Do Yorkies Lick So Much – Different Factors

Yorkshire Terrier, also known by other names such as Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkshire terrier, this dog breed comes from the United Kingdom. It is on top of the most beautiful dogs in the world with a luxurious and attractive appearance. They are also a dog breed that curls up into a ball while sleeping and usually licks their owners. So, Why do Yorkies lick so much? While this is normal, it can be due to behavioral or medical reasons.

General Introduction Yorkies Breeds

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in England. Scottish workers went to Yorkshire during the British industrial revolution to work, bringing away a dog named Clydesdale Terrier.

The Clydesdale Terrier is used to catch rats and repel mice in factories and mines. They also possess a long, shiny coat with a rather large body. Next, breeders have made crossbreeds between Clydesdale Terrier dogs with other types such as Paisley, English Terriers, and Waterside Terriers. The use of crossbreeding has formed Yorkshire terriers with cute small sizes but still inheriting all the agility and ingenuity of the ancestors.

The Yorkshire Terrier possesses a small, beautiful body. Adult puppies have a maximum height of only 23cm and weigh about 3.2kg. With such a small size, they are suitable for pets, not housework.

Despite having a luxurious appearance, the Yorkshire Terrier breed is amiable, harmonious, and attached to people. They live affectionately and know how to play many games to make people happy. They also often coax you to be loved and adored by you. If you have a female Yorkie, you should notice their heat cycle because of these sensitive periods.

Why Does Your Yorkie Lick You?

Keep reading to learn some of the most significant causes of the Yorkshire Terrier breed’s tendency for frequent licking.


Almost all dog breeds explore their surroundings with their noses to identify unfamiliar objects or humans. However, dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier may lick things or people to sate their curiosity rather than sniff them. It’s also important to note that Yorkies have a relatively strong sense of smell. Which makes them even more likely to taste whatever they can sniff to stimulate their curiosity.

Even if you’ve warned them not to play with your shoes or other things around the house, they could still be drawn to them by their curiosity and give them a few licks.

We acknowledge that it might become annoying if done frequently, but the good news is that you can teach your dog to stop constantly licking.

Affection And Attention 

Curiosity isn’t the only reason why a Yorkshire Terrier can be licking you or another member of your household. Yorkies are extremely intelligent, which accounts for how quickly they pick up tricks. Because dogs cannot communicate in human language, they frequently lick you to catch your attention or acquire what they want from you.

Additionally, Yorkies are incredibly loving and adore cuddling with their owners. It’s also recommended to remember that dogs can sense when their owners are anxious or angry. As a result, if you get home from a demanding and long day at work and your Yorkie insists on giving you a lick, remember that it is only trying to comfort you.

Boredom Or Anxiousness 

Although dogs don’t like to display their anger, a Yorkie’s licking can indicate that it doesn’t like you. Your dog might have a problem if this behavior has been going on for a while and is worsening.

If your Yorkie is licking a lot and getting agitated, and you suspect it might be because they are uncomfortable, call your vet to find out what’s happening. If you want them to try something interesting, you can know whether Yorkie can swim and put them in a new environment.


Your Yorkie may be licking you to tell you they’re hungry if their diet has changed or they aren’t eating enough. The majority of Yorkies are motivated by food, and any or all of them could become food obsessed, or what canine specialists refer to as food fixated.

Dental Problems 

Dental issues are not exclusive to humans. Dogs, exceptionally tiny Yorkie, can also develop them due to their small jaws.

A Yorkie with dental problems may rely on regular licking to remove food particles and tartar buildup. A Yorkie’s sore gums can also be soothed by licking.

Teeth cleaning needs to be on your list of priorities for dogs, just as it is essential to groom your dog regularly. It is not easy to instill new habits in an older dog, so we strongly advise starting your dogs by getting used to brushing their teeth at a young age. The ideal frequency for cleaning your dog’s teeth is once per month.


A Yorkie or any other breed will probably scratch itself or lick you to soothe the itch if it is itching. Various things, including pollen, dust, grass, chocolate, and more, could cause an allergic reaction.

The licking may get worse when they’re around you. If the licking persists or your Yorkie exhibits symptoms of allergies, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

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Because of possible gum infection, your dog may lick you. Bacterial, yeast, or fungal infections could be to blame.

Oral candidiasis is one of the most widespread illnesses that dogs experience. An oral candidiasis infection starts in the mouth and spreads to the skin and hair roots. Very few animals exhibit symptoms of the fungus that causes this kind of infection, which can be acquired from other dogs or cats.

Skin Issues

Yorkies have fragile and easily breakable skin. This typically arises from any injury, including little scrapes that are difficult to see.

Your dog will lick you to help you ease its suffering when this occurs. Therefore, please pay attention to your Yorkies when they show unusual signs, especially when they constantly lick to take care of your dog in time.

How To Stop Yorkies Licking?

Yorkie licking is a spontaneous activity for dogs. However, if your dog licks constantly and too much, it can cause too serious consequences. Therefore, here are some tips to help keep your Yorkie under control:

  • Training: This will assist in teaching your Yorkie appropriate behavior and forming future positive habits. Don’t forget to set boundaries and restrictions with your Yorkie, such as no licking in public, no licking while you’re not home, and only licking to gain attention. Moreover, if you want to train your dog efficiently, you can buy them a harness for comfort.
  • Arrange a Visit with Your Vet: If your Yorkie licks you a lot, make an appointment with your veterinarian since, unfortunately, it may have a skin condition, dental issues, or another health concern that you can’t treat by yourself.
  • Change Their Meal: If the first two suggestions above have failed, think about switching his food to something with no flavor or aroma. All Yorkies are naturally aggressive eaters. However, some are more choosy with what they eat than gobbling up everything they see on their dish. Additionally, avoiding giving children foods with higher salt content is crucial.


We hope this article, “Why do Yorkies lick so much,” helps you know the reason and some informative ways to stop them lick constantly. Raising this dog is like caring for a small child, so meticulous care, love, and understanding about them should be made. Constant licking in dogs has many causes; sometimes, it can be caused by severe health problems. So, take your Yorkie to the vet if they show abnormality. Besides, be patient and train them to control licking you and other objects because too much is not good.