Why Is Your Dog Not Drinking Water? Useful Tips to for Pet Owners

Water is essential to all living things. All living things need water to survive. Drinking water regularly not only helps the body digest food but also helps carry out cell activities. 

But why is your dog not drinking water? Even, sometimes our furry friends deny this essential nutrient. You want to know the causes. Well, don’t worry; this article will help you find out why and how to deal with this situation.

Why is your dog not drinking water?

There are various reasons for this situation – from health to psychological causes. Scientists believe a healthy dog should drink ½ and 1 ounce of water daily, depending on its weight. If not, you should find out why your canine companion refuses this essential nutrient. Here are some reasons that you should pay attention to:


Older dogs tend to drink less water than younger ones. There are some reasons for this phenomenon, but most commonly, it happens due to their lack of exercise, leading to decreased appetite and thirst.

However, keeping an eye on your pets’ physical health is essential. Ensure your furry friends get enough water by switching to dehydrated pet food or providing more water bowls.

Change In Water 

Do you know that dogs have much more acute senses than us? A slight change of smell or taste in the water bowl could decrease their hydration needs. Your dog can smell any weird factors in its bowl, even the smallest amount of bacteria or leftover food. To solve this problem, it’d better always keep the bowl clean and clear before refilling fresh water for your dog.

Mouth Disorders

Dogs are one of the most curious creatures.  They can eat strange things like plastic, rocks, and string without knowing whether they’re edible. In the worst scenario, weird objects can be stuck and hurt their teeth, gums, and digestive systems. 

If you think your canine won’t drink water because of mouth disease, you should immediately make an appointment with your local vet.

New Environment

A new environment can also have a significant influence on your dog. When dogs leave their old places, they tend to be very anxious and fearful, which usually leads to a change in their habits, such as eating or drinking.

Can Dog Drink Milk?

There is no one size fits all response to this question. Most dogs can consume a few tablespoons of goat or cow’s milk, but others might have lactose tolerance. Too many dairy products can cause vomiting, flatulence, or even diarrhea. So, the best way is to ask your vet whether your dog can drink milk.

Tips for persuading your dog to drink more water

Replace dry food with wet food

Switching your dog’s diet is not a bad idea. However, it’s better to ask for veterans’ advice before you make any changes in their diet.

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Add more water to their diet

Another solution to this problem is mixing your dog’s food with water. This will help your dog unconsciously drink more water and be healthy.

Keep the water bowl spotless

Always keep the water bowl clean and clear! Dogs’ noses are 100 million times more sensitive than ours; just a slight change of smell or taste in the water bowl could decrease their hydration needs

Add some ice cubes

You can persuade your dog to drink more water by throwing ice cubes in their bowl. This way, your dog will feel more excited and enjoyable than just drinking plain water.

Last words

Now you have got your answer to the question of “Why is your dog not drinking water?” and how to deal with it! If they continue not to drink water,  I suggest you should contact the vet clinic and share your concerns with a skillful veterinary doctor.  Focusing on your dog’s well-being and providing the best environment is essential. If you want more information about your dog’s diet, let’s visit our next posts, such as: Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? Can Dogs Eat Tofu? Can Dogs Eat Tuna? or Can Dogs Eat Fish? 

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