Why Pugs Are The Worst? – 8 Reasons Can Make You Surprised

A lot of Americans prefer to have a pug as their favorite pet. People may be drawn to Pugs because of their unique appearance, but their demeanor quickly wins dog lovers. Despite all of these positive characteristics, several factors explain why pugs are the worst and difficult to live with.

What Kind of Breed Are Pugs?

Pug is a breed of dog that originated from China. Pugs have wrinkly, short-muzzled faces and curled tails, which distinguishes them from other dog breeds. The breed features a fine, glossy coat in various colors, the most common: light brown (fawn) or black, and a compact, square physique with well-developed muscles.

Why Pugs Are The Worst?
Why Pugs Are The Worst?

Why Pugs Are The Worst?

Let’s take a look at eight reasons why this breed of dog is regarded as the worst.

Many health problems

Pugs are susceptible to a variety of respiratory illnesses due to their short muzzle and pressed nostrils. Their bodily structure frequently causes people to have respiratory difficulties. Pugs have narrow breathing airways, making many of them susceptible to breathing problems or unable to regulate their temperature effectively by evaporation from the tongue through painting. 

Additionally, this breed of dog suffers from Allergies, Cheyletiella Dermatitis, Corneal Ulcers, Demodectic Mange, etc. Obesity is a risk for pugs who live a primarily sedentary lifestyle, but it may be avoided with regular exercise and a good diet. Because of the high frequency, related health issues, and reversible nature of obesity in pugs, it should be considered a health priority. 


While an English golden retriever is well-known for its friendliness and obedience, pugs act differently. They are regarded as the stubborn ones since you must consistently indicate your demand to the Pugs. With this breed, food is a fantastic motivator, but too many cookies equal a chubby Pug. You also do not want a dog who only obeys when you wave a biscuit in front of his face.

Pug pulls a stick out of a human hand against a blurred forest
Pug pulls a stick out of a human hand against a blurred forest

This breed is frequently described as obstinate or unruly, and as such, it is less likely to obey your commands. Many dog trainers see this breed as the most difficult-to-train canine companion.

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Loud sounds

Having a pug is sometimes irritating due to its loud sound all the time. Pugs make a lot of noise when they snort, snuffle, cough, grunt, and snore. Some people find the sounds appealing, while others find them frightening.

Limited living environment

Pugs can live indoors or in apartments but not in any place with a size of a yard. This is quite similar to a blue french bulldog. Although Pug cis claimed to be a perfect pet for the family, you may find it is difficult to a Pug if you want to have relaxing moments with your pet outside your house.

Constant shedding

The amount of hair a Pug shed is generally a surprise to new Pug owners. Most dog breeds go through two shedding seasons each year, during which they shed the majority of their dead hairs. Pugs, on the other hand, are year-round shedders who shed a modest amount of hair. You must be certain that this is alright with you.

Inability to live alone

Happy boy walks on the street of the city with a pug
Happy boy walks on the street of the city with a pug

This is the most prevalent problem that dog owners complain about. They claim that this fuzzy companion follows them around everywhere they go.

When you are not around, they can live on their own. However, once you are inside, they will follow you around everywhere you go. This dog will constantly be by your side, whether cooking, working out, or doing anything else.


The first and most crucial thing to understand about a Pug dog’s inherent temperament is that they crave affection. They also enjoy giving love.

The Pug is a highly intelligent dog as well so that it also tends to be emotionally sensitive. This means that your Pug’s feelings might be hurt quite easily! You may think your Pug’s jealousy is cute, but it is a serious issue that should not be underestimated.

High potential of weight gain 

Since they have problems breathing because of their screw tails, they have been known to have spinal problems. These conditions limit their capacity to run, play, and stay active in general. 

As a consequence, Pugs have an average energy level. Many would prefer to sit around and do nothing than do something active. The Pug’s incapacity to exercise for long periods can cause him to gain weight quickly. 

The Pug breed has a high chance of being overweight. 
The Pug breed has a high chance of being overweight. 

In Sum

Pugs are also recognized for their ability to make people laugh. They are delightful, pleasant clown dogs who do not mind putting on a costume. However, there are some reasons “why Pugs are the worst“. 

You had better consider carefully since this breed of dog is not easy to deal with if you are not a patient owner. Instead of buying a Pug, you can choose Maltipoo puppies or Parti Yorkies to be your home pet. Good luck in finding a lovely companion!

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