Raising Dogs Safety Tips: Do Dobermans Attack Their Owners?


Even though the Doberman breed of dog is one of the most popular breeds in the US for its beauty and friendly appearance, many people still question it. Since they were originally bred for aggression and speed, do Dobermans attack their owners? 

These vicious dogs can attack quickly and without warning, but this doesn’t mean all Dobermans will bite their owners at every opportunity.

Doberman Pinschers only turn on their owners out of fear. They are protective dogs who will bite even their owners if they feel threatened. So what should you do to avoid this deadly situation from happening? Here are a few tips!

Why Do Dobermans Attack Their Owners?

Poor Training

Most Dobermans are aggressive because they have been trained to be that way. If you want to avoid a Doberman attack, train your pups on obedience commands as soon as they come home with you. Start by exposing them to many different people and dogs in controlled environments and then slowly introduce them to different places with more distractions.

Do Dobermans Attack Their Owners
Young beautiful woman hugs her Doberman

You can do this by teaching them not to bite strangers by using positive reinforcement and harsh punishments when they attack someone. If you want your Doberman to be a good pet instead of a good guard dog, make sure you train them to grow up as the type of animal you want them to be.

Physical Abuse And Trauma

Dobermans are known to be very protective of their owners, which means that they often get agitated when strangers come over and might even attack them. Suppose you or their previous owner has harmed them in the past; Dobermans will raise their fear aggression level to the highest peak and consider their master as an enemy to attack.

These dogs are trained to get out of dangerous situations by being obedient to their masters, and they don’t mind getting hurt to make sure that they are safe. So if you do not have the time to learn about Doberman and their training, consider having a professional do it.


Doberman Pinschers can often get hostile and vicious when they are sick. It is usually only when it gets so bad they cannot get up anymore. 

When Dobermans are weak, they are often afraid of getting lost and bite if separated from the pack. A Doberman will eat anything, including grass, bark, and even furniture when feeling unhealthy.

They may even become violent towards you and your family. In this case, isolating them from others is a wise move.

Lack of Socialization

Your dog can become quite restless if it’s separated from the outer world. In such a situation, your Doberman can begin to become hyperactive and develop unwanted habits such as digging, roaming, and chewing.

These destructive habits can make your Doberman extremely dangerous and even deadly if it’s not taken care of quickly.

What Can You Do To Minimize Potential Threats?

Spend Time With Your Dog Every Day

According to experts, this is the most important thing you can do to prevent them from attacking you. The more time they spend with humans, the less inclined it’s to bite people.

Portrait of young man in sportswear playing with a Doberman dog at home
Portrait of young man in sportswear playing with a Doberman dog at home

Choose A Dog That Is Right For Your Lifestyle 

If you’re always traveling or working late hours, don’t get a dog that will require lots of attention and training each day like a Doberman because it will be difficult for you to provide them the care they need.

Train Your Dog Early On In Their Life 

Are Dobermans hard to train? The process definitely requires lots of time and effort, but it’s all worth it. A trained pup will be less likely to become aggressive and bite someone when it’s older because they have learned basic commands and how to behave.

Determine What Type Of Personality They Have 

Some Dobermans are very outgoing and friendly with everyone, while others might be more reserved or skittish around new people. Finding some personality information for your particular puppy will help you know how to raise a healthy and happy one.

Doberman dog standing while man is holding him on dog chain.
Doberman dog standing while man is holding him on dog chain.

You should also check to see if your puppy has any previous or current abnormalities that need treatment. 

Look For Medical Records

In all situations, the best way to avoid being attacked by your dog is to look for their previous medical history documents by contacting a public veterinarian. There are some things that the veterinarian may not tell you, but you should find out about them before bringing your new puppy home.

If you notice your Doberman growls or barks aggressively, try giving them space for a moment before approaching them again. Remember that if you have children, they should never be left alone with your dog, especially if it is new to the household. It’s also important to keep your dog on a leash when they are outside of your property.

What Are The Signs That Dobermans Are About To Turn On Their Owners?

Here are the 3 common signals that you can notice right on spot if your Doberman is about to be involved in a vicious action.

They Keep Staring At You

Dobermans are also known for maintaining eye contact with those they are suspicious of. This is usually a symptom of mistrust rather than fear, as in the prior point.

Naturally, these dogs enjoy eye contact, but this can be concerning, especially if the dog is still and is intently tracking the target with their eyes.

Raising Dogs Safety Tips: Do Dobermans Attack Their Owners?

Staring happily!

Growling Or Showing Teeth

Dobermans don’t growl because they like other dogs. If that were the case, they would be barking. There are many breeds that are known for barking, like the Pekingese and the Pug, but Dobermans just growl.

When a Doberman growls or shows his teeth, it’s equivalent to the “attacking” signal.


When your dog is acting suddenly, every muscle in his body stiffens, and you’ll see that he shifts more weight to his front two feet. Your dog is likely to be unhappy with a scenario and ready to show any vicious behavior.


Do Dobermans attack their owners? Yes, they do, but this tragic result only occurs if your Doberman wasn’t trained or socialized. These two factors are arguably the most important components in influencing their propensity to be aroused by any given situation.

Raising a dog is like raising a child since you need to treat them gently and sincerely. If you consider a Doberman as a guarded friend or family member, there will be no way it will turn on you.