What Should You Know Before Owning A Long Haired German Shepherd?

Beautiful long-haired German Shepherd dog lying

A long haired German shepherd can become a close friend in your family because this dog is much milder and more outgoing than other German shepherds. 

Because of its beautiful long fur and friendly personality, many children love to play with this dog.

Which Things Do You Need To Know About A Long Haired German Shepherd? 

This breed is a kind cousin of German shepherds. They are famous for their beautiful appearance and more affectionate behavior. Let’s start to learn about their origin, behavior, and age in this part to know more about this breed.


These German dogs were initially herding dogs that came from Germany. Many variants of this breed were made in 1899 to create an ideal German Shepherd. 

In history, these dogs used to emigrate over to the US and became very well-known for their hard-working morals because they are not only professional shepherds but also great police and service puppies thanks to their trainability and cleverness.

Because these dogs do not own an undercoat, they are often allowed to stay inside the house as friends instead of having to work outside. Although they cannot work as herding dogs, these dogs happily live in many homes as household pets thanks to their beautiful fur.


As normal, the standard GSD is known for its bold personality, mighty, and slightly protective nature. For example, a short haired German shepherd is suspicious of strangers because of lacking trust.

However, the Long Haired variety retains these standard qualities but is much more open-minded. They are not only much friendlier than short haired German Shepherds but also loyal, so they often stick around their owners.

For their high energy, they can be a perfect playmate with kids. They also love their snuggles and pets after an active day. Besides, these dogs enjoy going to the park and interacting with other dog friends. However, you should carefully pay attention to them when going out because they may chase small pets such as rodents, birds, and cats.


Long haired German shepherd puppies may meet a few common health problems, so they often have a lifespan of nine to thirty years,  shorter than other normal German shepherds.

How Does a Long Haired German Shepherd Look? 

We will help you know more about this breed through this part about their size and color. You can identify the breed in a breeze after reading.

Long Haired German Shepherd

Long Haired German Shepherd


Not only coming with their confident bold appearance, but these dogs also have brown eyes and brawny stance as a symbol of power. Moreover, the large head, flexible pointy ears, and strong jaw of them make their appearance look very strong.

This breed looks similar to a common German Shepherd except for its long coat. This breed is often high from 22 to 26 inches and comes with 50 to 90 lbs weight. Besides, females are frequently smaller and lighter than males.


The straight and silky hair of these German shepherds is their most impressive feature. Plus, they have clumps of hair around their ears, tails, legs, and between their paws.

Not as other breeds, these puppies do not come with an undercoat, so they have much less tolerance in harsh environments like cold weathers and wet conditions. Therefore, staying indoors also helps their fur much shinier.

The most typical color of these dogs is known for a mix of black and brown. However, some situations can be red, black, or white German shepherd puppies, though this is very rare.

What Should You Do To Care For A Long Haired German Shepherd? 

Long haired German shepherd dog plays

Long haired German shepherd dog plays


These big dogs need to be supplied plenty of food a day, so you ought to feed them about three bowls of food per day. And you also divide into two meals for them each day to prevent overeating because this breed has a delicate stomach. In addition, they cannot eat human food due to their sensitive stomachs. 

For their high energy levels, they need to eat rich protein food. Plus, they also need to benefit from glucosamine supplements so as to aid with their joint issues.


These German dogs are very energetic dogs, so they often want to enjoy plenty of exercise every day. These dogs take at least one hour of exercise each day for outside activities.

Because of having a high prey drive, this breed can chase after a rodent, bunny, and even squirrel if freely roaming, so you should always keep them on a leash when they are outside.

This breed always feels happy to do any physical activity, such as walk, run, and hike. They also enjoy some healthy games such as fetch or hide and seek. Moreover, this breed is also very good at swimming. 


The thick coat of this breed is very beautiful, nevertheless it always sheds around the year. Therefore, you should own a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction if you do not want to have full hair in your home.

Their long coat is also a matter, so you will need to clean them regularly to avoid matting. Their hair may need to be brushed daily, or at least three times per week by a thick-toothed brush to eliminate any stubborn hairs.

While brushing them, you should take care to avoid scratching their skin and irritating them because these dogs are easy to get eczema and dry skin.  It would be best if you cleaned their ears every week, clip their nails every month, and brush their teeth weekly to protect their health.


This breed is suitable for anybody with an active lifestyle. These dogs are affectionate, friendly, and very loyal to their owner. They can be a protector for your family.

If you want to find a close friend for your kids or families, a long haired German shepherd will be one of the best choices.

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